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Adapter for Assaulter Bipod / Scout Light Mount

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The Assaulter Bipod Adapter perfectly integrates the Assaulter Bipod to M-Lok, KeyMod or JP Enterprises forends. Knurling on the end of the Picatinny rail section perfectly matches the knurling of the Heathen Barricade Stop. The rear of the adapter creates a smooth ramp from the forend to the Assaulter Bipod Base. The Assaulter Bipod Adapter was purposely designed to alternatively function as a mount for a Surefire Scout Light if not used to mount the Heathen Assaulter Bipod.

Some shooters utilize the adapter as a low profile barricade stop mounted on the left and right of the forend.


  • Custom designed to integrate the Assaulter Bipod to multiple forends
  • Matching Knurling to maximize the Barricade surface
  • Ergonomic ramp to aid the Hand Stop
  • Made from Fiber Reinforced Polymer
  • Includes 2 screws to mount a Surefire Scout Light to the Adapter
  • Includes 2 screws and M-Lok T-nuts to attach to the forend

Made in the USA

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