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Barricade Stop MLok, KeyMod

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Product Details

MLok Barricade Stop, purpose built to maximize the Barricade Stop surface without creating a snag hazard on the front of the rifle. There are numerous aggressive teeth on the front surface of the stop to ensure a solid bite into the barricade, with so many teeth, degradation of the teeth overtime is not an issue like with hard use on other stops. Our Stop is made from a fiber reinforced polymer that is lighter and more durable than aluminum and it doesn't get uncomfortably hot or cold in extreme environments like aluminum does.

Our Barricade Stop was designed specifically for the US Army Standard issue quad rail, but the adapter allows it to work with all MLok and KeyMod interfaces. Most Barricade Stops are small and only allow for horizontal barricade positions, but our is designed for both horizontal and vertical on both left and right side of the rifle. A small stop will require a shooter to cant his rifle 90 degrees in order to use it on vertical surfaces which dramatically shifts the point of impact at all target distances, shooting with your rifle canted is an advanced technique and requires skill and training. The width of the Barricade Stop is specifically designed to allow the shooter to use vertical barricade positions such as walls, corner of buildings, side of window frame, etc. without excess canting.

With our Barricade Stop a shooter can improve accuracy significantly while shooting from barricades by simply adding our Barricade Stop and employing fundamental shooting techniques.

Weight 1.5 oz

Width 2.25"

Height 1.5"

Length 3.25"
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