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Who we are and why our past doesn’t matter

Who are we and why you might want to read our blog? We’ll tell you who we are, but we’ll also tell you why who we are means less than what we are doing. We’ll tell you what the HEATHEN brand is about and we recommend that you challenge and evaluate everything we say.

All of us served in the Military. We have experience in the Marine Reconnaissance Community (Force and Battalion), in Army Aviation as a MEDEVAC pilot, in local law enforcement including SWAT, and in U.S. Government organizations. Individually we have each had enough time in combat theaters to know what works in our area of experience. We “grew up” in communities where we were judged on our reputation not the bullet points of our resume. Significance doesn’t come from having a deployment or fourteen that you put on a resume. Significance comes from the higher standard of how you conducted yourself on a daily basis during each deployment, each mission and each day. To us, our reputation is more important than our job and this should be important to you because we will uphold our Integrity even to the detriment of our business. We always strive to do the right thing, if we get something wrong we will own that mistake and correct it as best we can.

Our past experience is the entrance fee, it got us to this point and at times we can rely on what we have learned, but if we don’t use our experience to provide value to our customers then we have failed. You should only judge us on the quality of what we are currently putting out and nothing from the past. The “what have you done for me lately” approach keeps everyone performing and does not allow for people to rest easy on a pile of accomplishments. For this reason we will not be a cult of personality, you won’t know us publicly as individuals, each of us represents the team and we own that. We will not parade our resumes or experiences, we will not enter the competition of who is the more experienced warfighter, no matter what others say. We are putting our heads down to provide you with equipment, training and ideas that will add value, that is all.

If you like what we say, test it and test it again. Challenge what we are saying even if it's only in your thoughts, we don’t recommend that you blindly accept anything and that starts with us. If what we are saying works for you, put it in your toolbox. If you think it’s useless, don’t use it. If you don’t like what we are saying you can tell us, but we are not going to get in unproductive exchanges. It is our goal to provide you with real value, upfront and for free. We will write about our views on useful and important topics. If you don’t find value in what we are writing then we need to do better. We want to hear what you think about our blogs and we want to hear about topics that you want us to discuss.

We are excited to start, so let's Get Some.

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